Since the Outbreak of covid-19 many of us have had our lives completely turned upside down and we are all struggling in our own ways. It has affected people in different ways. For some just having some space to talk through things can make a huge difference to how they cope.

For others, the lockdown has meant that they have spent a lot of time reflecting on what's important in their lives and what's not, and they may as a result want to make some big changes but without knowing where to start. Sometimes it takes a conversation with somebody skilled who can listen to what it is that you're saying and give you the space to explore it in your own way and help you to actually make a pathway forward for yourself.

I think if there is a silver lining in all of this, it's that we are being given the gift of time and the gift of space to think more clearly.

If you'd like to explore any of this stuff and you'd like some extra support then why don't you make contact with me online today and we can hook up by video link and together we can explore everything that you're struggling with and look at all your ideas and aspirations for the future together.

You will find my contact details on the website.
Stay safe!

Melika Clason.

hypnotherapist & counsellor in IlfracombeIlfracombe, North Devon.
Melika Clason Hypnotherapy & EFT Ilfracombe, Barnstaple.

Hypnotherapy in Ilfracombe, North Devon

Ilfracombe-based Hypnotherapist Melika Clason believes passionately in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as a tool for understanding and empowerment.

For me Solution Focused Hypnotherapy marries two great arts; psychotherapeutic practice (talking therapy) and hypnosis (the art of reaching a trance state). ‘Trance’ (a deeply focused state that temporarily closes off all external stimulus) is actually a naturally occuring phenomena experienced by most people throughout an average day. “I drive to work everyday and see the same sights, yet sometimes I get to my destination and wonder how I actually got there, I never noticed a single landmark along the way” (Darren, North Devon). Trance is a deeply relaxed yet incredibly focused state of mind. The beauty of this state is that the primal part of our brain, that is constantly scanning our world for potential threats to our well-being, is quientened and this enables us to engage another part of our brain, the subconscious. The subconscious mind is a vast resource of creativity and solution orientated answers. By accessing this part of our brains we become free to respond to challenges in positive and constructive ways.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you to harness the power of your mind naturally and easily to increase your sense of well-being. Neuroscience has repeatedly demonstrated how malleable the human brain is and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses these findings to support you in making the changes you want to see in your life. “Neurons that are used frequently develop stronger connections and those that are rarely or never used eventually die. By developing new connections and pruning away weak ones, the brain is able to adapt
- https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-brain-plasticity-2794886 -

For more information or a Free 20 minute Hypnotherapy consultation in Ilfracombe please contact Melika on.
mob: 07824 882224

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  • Hypnotherapy

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    The subconscious mind is a vast resource of creativity and solution orientated answers. By accessing this part of our minds we become free to respond to challenges in positive and constructive ways.

  • Counselling

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    Together we will explore the areas of your life that you wish to look at and move on from, and any underlying discomforts you wish to acknowledge along the way.

  • EFT

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    Why not see what EFT ('Emotional Freedom Technique') can do for you. As a qualified EFT practioner in North Devon I can use the EFT tapping techniques to assist you with making positive changes.

  • Workshops

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    I also run my own workshops and can design and run personalized workshops for groups tailored specifically for their needs.