Since the Outbreak of covid-19 many of us have had our lives completely turned upside down and we are all struggling in our own ways. It has affected people in different ways. For some just having some space to talk through things can make a huge difference to how they cope.

For others, the lockdown has meant that they have spent a lot of time reflecting on what's important in their lives and what's not, and they may as a result want to make some big changes but without knowing where to start. Sometimes it takes a conversation with somebody skilled who can listen to what it is that you're saying and give you the space to explore it in your own way and help you to actually make a pathway forward for yourself.

I think if there is a silver lining in all of this, it's that we are being given the gift of time and the gift of space to think more clearly.

If you'd like to explore any of this stuff and you'd like some extra support then why don't you make contact with me online today and we can hook up by video link and together we can explore everything that you're struggling with and look at all your ideas and aspirations for the future together.

You will find my contact details on the website.
Stay safe!

Melika Clason.

hypnotherapist & counsellor in IlfracombeIlfracombe, North Devon.
Melika Clason Hypnotherapy & EFT Ilfracombe, Barnstaple.

Melika Clason

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Dip TC, DSFHT (Hyp)

New: Due to Covid-19 and the restrictions which have been placed upon my practice I am currently only offering online therapeutic support via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime; for EFT and Counselling sessions. If you feel you could use some extra support at this time, then please contact me today and together we can explore everything that you're struggling with and look at all your ideas and aspirations for the future together. Please follow the links above in the main menu for more details of my Online Therapies.

New: Click here to see a personal video message from Melika, added on: 14.04.20.

Welcome to therapiesnorthdevon.co.uk

Hi I'm Melika and I am a qualified Person-Centred counsellor, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner based in North Devon

Welcome to my website.

I have worked extensively as a counsellor supporting survivors of domestic abuse, and individuals suffering with anxiety, depression and other debilitating mental health conditions; often battling with addictions that impact the quality of their lives.  I use my combined skills as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist counsellor and EFT practitioner in North Devon to support change, promote health and well-being, reduce harmful habits or addictions, and enable people to lead the lives that they want for themselves.  

I work to support individuals within their relationships and help people to build happier, brighter futures for themselves.

Areas that people might seek support with can include (but not exclusively): Anxiety, depression, work related problems, sexual health, marital or relationship issues, self esteem, a sense of loss / grief, experience of abuse (historic or current), issues with parents or struggles with raising children, weight loss, lack of fulfilment, lack of direction or motivation, trouble with making decisions, and sometimes simply looking for a new way forward.

For more information or an informal discussion about how my work could support you in moving forward 

please contact me: 

By email: therapiesnd@gmail.com
Or mobile: 07824 882224

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  • Hypnotherapy

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    The subconscious mind is a vast resource of creativity and solution orientated answers. By accessing this part of our minds we become free to respond to challenges in positive and constructive ways.

  • Counselling

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    Together we will explore the areas of your life that you wish to look at and move on from, and any underlying discomforts you wish to acknowledge along the way.

  • EFT

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    Why not see what EFT ('Emotional Freedom Technique') can do for you. As a qualified EFT practioner in North Devon I can use the EFT tapping techniques to assist you with making positive changes.

  • Workshops

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    I also run my own workshops and can design and run personalized workshops for groups tailored specifically for their needs.